Matt Digital C-type prints, signed

Edition of 10 + 2AP, 8.3 x 11. 7 inches

£50 + postage

Prints for sale as part of the Artist Support Pledge, initiated by Matthew Burrows to help the art community during these difficult times. Recent months and events have triggered me to recognise a need to support my students with any proceeds made.

Teaching art and photography at Graveney school, South London for the last two years has been a privilege that has provided constant opportunities to learn from my students, develop relationships with them and share my knowledge, love for the arts, my values and beliefs as an artist teacher. The wide range of students’ socio-economic backgrounds in my school creates a painfully evident gap, which has continued to widen in recent months. I feel a responsibility towards my students and would like to take this opportunity and do my best to make an impact for those who need it most.

I will spend all proceeds from this sale on art and photography materials and events for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. With every £1000 I raise, I pledge to support another artist by purchasing a piece of work (with my teacher salary).

I am offering 5 images from my most recent work, ‘St Clement of Ohrid III’ 2020. Titled after my parents’ school, which is based in rural Bulgaria, the work preserves educational material as I found it 4 years ago in the ruins of the school building. The original teaching resources which were used in lessons during the Communist era, have been abandoned and consequently appropriated by time. A layer of dust fogs the image and interferes with the process of ‘learning’ from the past, especially my generation, born after 1989. Simultaneously it becomes one of the few direct and physical connections with us and the present. Viewing the images as if time is suspended and space contained, questions on the shifting value, purpose and function of the institutional archive come to light.

Please get in touch if you are interested.